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We are Stratum Growth Ventures, we help bring your startup idea to life.

SG Ventures is a startup studio that’s constantly focused on building industry agnostic B2B / B2B2C SaaS startups solving for productivity, workflows and connectivity. As well as, FinTech startups creating Payments, Lending and Factoring services for new mobile-money first world (Banking-as-a-Platform or BaaP models).
Our Startup Studio is apart of the Stratum Growth ecosystem which has previously worked with B2B and B2B2C SaaS companies such as Goodfynd, Payvmnt, Kiddie Kredit and other FinTech companies still in stealth mode, helping make their startup ideas a reality.

SG Ventures works with early-stage Founders at the ideation stage to come up with new projects and we act as second or third co-founder of sorts. Our goal is to help grow the company and find a full time CEO and CTO. In exchange for a third of equity, the SG Ventures core team helps get the project off the ground and achieve market validation and some semblance of early scale.

Ideally, the startup finds product-market fit around its first year and raises a sizable Angel Round or an institutional Seed Round after this initial phase. SG Ventures then keeps a stake in the startup but moves on from day-to-day activities so that it can focus on new projects. 
What we do

We help businesses
all around the world
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The SG Ventures - Startup Studio will focus on Angel and Seed investments in SaaS and FinTech companies with a hands-on approach.

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We believe some of the best enterprise and consumer products today are optimized by automated software. Ease comes with automation.
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We love to focus on helping Founders to build products, platforms and services that do more with less. The market demands it and every day a new player is entering the space to provide it.
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The world we live in becomes more connected daily and the ease of information transfer increases in lock-step, so SG Ventures exists to support Founders in building the worlds next great tool that brings people and businesses together!
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